B&B in Govone - Bed & Breakfast in Piedmont - A romantic family-run hotel in a historical building - BeB between Alba and Asti in the province of Cuneo, Italy 
Peppers stuffed with breadcrumbs, herbs and anchovy sauce


Meat agnolotti pasta served in roast-meat juices

Roast rabbit with snails in orange-peel sauce served in a pan.

Bonet alla Piemontese (a chocolate and amaretti caramel)


To whet your appetite, here is a list of traditional Piedmontese dishes that will delight your palate.

OUR ‘CONVIVIAL’ DISHES (The food of the gods):

During the year, we get together with friends for what we call a serata a tema.

What is a serata a tema?

A serata a tema is an evening of food and drink based on one of the dishes listed below.

Restaurants also hold these evenings.

Send us an email and we will let you know when some of our favourite restaurants are holding one.


Fritto Misto Piemontese
Bollito misto Piemontese

Piedmontese cuisine from the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato areas.

Italy is a destination for lovers of good food from across the globe and Piedmont is home to some of Italy’s finest cuisine.

The Langhe, Roero and Monferrato areas boast excellent traditional cuisine that is the perfect complement to their equally excellent wines.

Piedmont has one of Italy’s most extensive ranges of fine cuisine as it has combined traditional country food with a selection of refined French dishes introduced by the House of Savoy.




Piedmont and its unique cuisine!

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