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Excursions and tours in Piedmont’s Langhe, Roero and Monferrato areas.

Sensory analysis of Alba truffles.

Truffle-tasting course.
A simulated hunt for the White Truffle of Alba.

A trip with a truffle dog and owner on a quest for the valuable Alba truffle.
Piedmont cuisine cookery course.

The course ends with a tasting session of the dishes you prepare.
A vineyard visit and wine-tasting.

Discover the wonderful wines of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato!

Enjoy some of south-east Piedmont’s finest wines with this wine-tasting workshop.

Discover the aromas and flavours of Piedmont wines.
A carriage ride through the Langhe and Roero areas.

Take a trip through local streets on board an elegant carriage.
Donkey trekking in the Upper Langa area.

Saddle up for an original trekking expedition.
Horse-riding through the Upper Langa.

Enjoy a horse ride across the unspoilt hills of the Upper Langa.
Trekking in the Alba, Langhe and Roero areas.

A guided tour across the hills of Alba, Langhe, Roero and Upper Langa.
Hot-air balloon ride above the Langhe and Roero areas.

Get a bird’s eye view of local vineyards and medieval towns!
Discover the Piedmont hazelnut.

A visit to a farm that grows Piedmont’s Protected Geographical Indication (IGP) hazelnut followed by a taste of the farm’s delicious produce.
Honey, bees and Crutin cheese amidst the rocche of Roero.

Spend a day discovering the rocche, honey and cheese of the Roero area..
A guided tour by Segway.

See the hills of Alba, Langhe, Roero and Upper Langa on a Segway.
Panoramic tour in an Ape Calesse.

Take a trip in an original Piaggio Ape Calesse. The trip includes a visit to one of Barolo’s old wine cellars and to Grizane Castle.
Hiring bicycles, vespas, scooters, cars and minibuses

You will be able to hire a range of vehicles and discover this enchanting area.

The Roero trails through the villages around the town of Canale.

Rocche del Roero Eco-museum.

A journey through the unspoilt natural landscape of Canale on a discovery of rocche, the area’s unique rock formations.

Sentiero della Castagna Granda (Great Chestnut Tree trail).

The destination of this trail is the Castagna Granda, the Great Chestnut Tree, which at around 400 years old is one of Europe’s oldest specimens. It has been classified as a “Monumental Tree of the Piedmont Region”.

Sentiero della Fossa dei Cinghiali (Boar Ditch Trail).

Fossils of shells lie hidden in this valley of rocche and its damp environment makes it the perfect habitat for wild boar.

Sentiero dell’Apicoltura (Apiculture Trail).

Discover age-old honey-making techniques and admire the trail’s ciabot, brick storehouses converted into beehives, a unique feature of Europe’s rural landscape.

Sentiero Religioso (Religious Trail).

This trail was once trodden by pilgrims as they made their way from the centre of Montà d'Alba to the Church of the Sacro Monte dei Piloni.


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