B&B in Govone - Bed & Breakfast in Piedmont - A romantic family-run hotel in a historical building - BeB between Alba and Asti in the province of Cuneo, Italy 
Roero family coat of arms.
Roero’s rocche, unique rock formations, and fortresses.

View of the Langhe del Barolo area.

Carpenter’s workshop.
History of a B&B in Piedmont

From carpenter’s workshop to mill
to - Il Molino B&B -

Our ancestors have witnessed history and lives unfold and could certainly tell a few tales. But there’s one in particular I think you will find interesting.

It is the tale of a family who, in the 1850s, laid solid foundations, erected thick walls and opened light rooms with deep vaulted ceilings.

The building was erected on Savoy land, later sold to a third-party, that lay opposite Govone Castle and its gardens, where King Charles Felix of Savoy would come seeking peace and tranquillity.

In the 1850s, a certain cavaglier Minasso, a gentleman who shares my surname but is no relation, used the building as his home and a carpenter’s workshop; he paid for the building of a road that led from his home (today Il Molino B&B) to the gardens of Govone Castle. He was a talented carpenter who crafted many of the castle’s wood doors, window frames, blinds, and ceilings. Il Molino B&B is further proof of his skill as many of the exterior frames and interior doors are the originals; they are over 100 years old and still in excellent condition, so they are undoubtedly good quality.

In the early 1900s, the building was bought by the millers of Govone, who called it Il Molino (The Mill). The town’s millers owned another two mills in the area: one in the Piana district of Govone and the other in Magliano Alfieri.


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Historic centre of Govone,

which stands on the road between Asti and Alba.

Govone historian Gino Malvicino (centre).

He was a wonderful storyteller !

Carrying grain to the mill by horse and cart.

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