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Sacra di San Michele

The Archangel Michael,
supreme leader of God’s heavenly army,
vanquishes Lucifer.

Lucifer was the rebel angel who wanted to usurp God

and was cast into Hell along with his followers.

The Archangel Michael is considered to be
the defender against the forces of evil.


Tower of the Beautiful Alda


Ledge Alda is said to have jumped from


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Romanesque-Gothic churches in Piedmont
and Piedmontese legends.

Sacra di San Michele is one of Europe’s largest and most important examples of Romanesque-Gothic religious architecture.

Construction started in the late 990s and it became one of Europe’s most famous Benedictine monasteries.




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Stairway of the Dead.











less than one hour’s drive

from our B&B to Sant'Ambrogio in Turin

Sacra di San Michele
is open to the public.

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