B&B in Govone - Bed & Breakfast in Piedmont - A romantic family-run hotel in a historical building - BeB between Alba and Asti in the province of Cuneo, Italy 

Mare, Terme ed altri luoghi interessanti
Le Langhe-Roero e Monferrato sono il confine tra il Mare ed i Monti !

Rocche del ROERO

Beneath the natural beauty of Piedmont’s Roero area lies a unique ecosystem made up of orchards, hazelnut trees and rocche, walls of compact sand in wooded areas that give the landscape a wild, mysterious appearance.


Enoteca Regionale del Roero - Canale

Enoteca Regionale del Roero

(Roero Regional Wine Cellar) is based in Canale.





"Underground Cathedrals" - Canelli.

Try to find time to experience the historical Canelli wine cellars, where the area’s famous sparkling wine is stored for refining. Known locally as ‘underground cathedrals’, the cellars are a 20-kilometre maze of tunnels 30 metres beneath the surface. The wine cellars of Contratto, Bosca, Gancia and Coppo have been                                                  nominated for UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Spas - Acqui Terme

Why not relax at a spa in nearby Acqui Terme and come back to Il Molino B&B with all of your cares soothed away!




Ponte del Diavolo (Devil’s Bridge) - Lanzo Torinese.

This Gothic arch is 15 metres high and 37 metres long.






Beaches - Liguria

You can also spend a day at the beach.
Liguria’s beaches are just over an hour’s drive from our B&B.




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